Dear investor!

We have noticed that you still have not created an account on Cryptonit cryptocurrency exchage, and we decided to create this account for you, so you could stat trading your tokens.

As long as we have a legitimate interest in trading of our FIN and NOM tokens, and in promotion of Cryptonit cryptocurrency exchange, we decided to create an account on Cryptonit for you, so you could start trading your tokens without loosing your time for creation of this account.

Our decision to share data regarding your Finom investor’s account, such as email address and amount of FIN and NOM tokens owned by you, with Cryptonit exchange was made after meticulous assessment of any risks to your rights and freedoms, which could arise if we would share your data with someone.

We came to the conclusion, that since Cryptonit exchange is one of the services provided by Finom, and Cryptonit Solutions Ltd. is a member of Finom group of companies, it could be expected by you that we may share your data within our group of companies in order to pursue our aforementioned legitimate interests, on one side, and to provide you with more opportunities regarding your FIN and NOM tokens, on the other side.

Creation of Cryptonit account is free, and you do not lose anything. We have shared the minimum amount of your data which is necessary to create an account and start use thereof. We are sure, that Cryptonit Solutions Ltd. will protect your data as accurately as we do. You should also remember, that you may ask us or Cryptonit to correct, modify or remove your data.

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